How private is your phone?

Does your phone belong to you? Mobile phones have become an integral part of life. We hold very private conversations on them, we text our loved ones, we store photos, we make our social media postings. We also use our phones to do work. Why is this important? Because in a recent case, the Court of Appeal ordered companies to obtain their employees' phones and other devices so that those phones can be searched for material relating to the dispute between the parties. This means that in future your phone could be open to inspection by others: the contents of your phone will no longer be private. Your only solution may be to ensure that you keep your work communications separate from your personal communications. Here are some suggestions: 1. Have one phone for work and one phone for your private life. 2. Do not email business matters from your private email account. 3. Do not email private matters from your work account. 4. Avoid making private phone calls during working hours unless absolutely necessary. So, think very carefully about using your private phone for work. It may not be that private in the future! If you have any concerns about your privacy at work, contact us using the form below.

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